This is a magazine cover that I titled as Aerocraft, the most ideal "fictional publication" for aircraft enthusiasts and future pilots, like myself.

     I was attending a special anniversary for a private airport a few years ago, which had a few aircraft on display.

I took some photographs, and among the aircraft, there was a Beechcraft Hawker private jet that caught my interest. This particular photo I took was a closeup of the jet engine. I chose to put this image on the front cover because the fan intake would act as a way to "draw in" the interest of the target audience. (You can almost see the jet fan blades start to spin!)

     On the bottom right corner of the cover is a photo of me sitting in the pilot's seat of a Metro Police helicopter, also on display. The photo was taken by the pilot himself.

     Lastly, on the bottom left corner is a barcode which I designed in the shape of an air traffic control tower and base station.

     You could say I just let my creativity "take off".... without clearance!