This spreadsheet was specially designed for print and online media. It was for a mock advertising campaign I was "hosting" for class. My campaign was for a fictional freight company named Freight8.

    The frog shown was actually the company's mascot. I chose a frog for two reasons. First, the name "Freight8" emulates the sound a frog makes, "ribbit." Second, frogs are known to be fast swimmers.

    The purpose of having this spreadsheet was to illustrate the frog sitting on a lily pad and strapped to a truck trailer. The frog would jump from his pad while towing the trailer like a delivery truck, and land on the pad on the other side. The first pad would represent the company's headquarters, and the second would be the respective destination.

    The whole message of this spreadsheet project is that Freight8 guaranteed delivery in 8 hours or less. (In the case of a real frog jumping from one lily pad to another, I'm sure it would take him 8 seconds or less!)