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     This is a magazine cover that I titled as Aerocraft, the most ideal "fictional publication" for aircraft enthusiasts and future pilots, like myself.

     I was attending a special anniversary for a private airport a few years ago, which had a few aircraft on display. I took some photographs, and among the aircraft, there was a Beechcraft Hawker private jet that caught my interest. This particular photo I took was a closeup of the jet engine. I chose to put this image on the front cover because the fan intake would act as a way to "draw in" the interest of the target audience.

     On the bottom right corner of the cover is a photo of me sitting in the pilot's seat of a Metro Police helicopter, also on display. The photo was taken by the pilot himself.

     Lastly, on the bottom left corner is a barcode which I designed in the shape of an air traffic control tower and base station.

You could say I just let my creativity "take off!"

Peticular Animal thumbnail.jpg

     For pet owners with a nostalgia for the exotic jungles or want to take a safari trip without leaving the living room, this magazine I created is - with no pun intended - a completely different animal.

     Peticular Animal, as opposed to "particular animal," takes readers and exotic pet owners on a guided safari trip. Packed with articles by nationally and internationally renowned zoologists, informative tips on choosing the right breed of birds, fish, reptiles and more.

     I designed this magazine cover with the exotic pet owner in mind, in an attempt to "blend in" with the right audience environment! Note: On the bottom left corner, I designed a bar code in the shape of a fish. The "bubbles" contain each letter of the (invalid) website. Remember, this is just something I created to demonstrate page layout purposes.

Peculiar Animal

RV Adventure thumbnail.jpg

RV Adventure

     Get hitched to this issue of RV Adventure because it is your travel map's best friend - and yours! This issue contains "mile-long" pages of choosing the most noble mobile home camper for your budget, your family size, and destination. Plus finding trailer-friendly parks, camping spots, national parks, and preparation for your next outing.

     Imagine the places to go exploring, as far as your imagination - and RV - can take you. It is indeed your home away from home. If outdoor recreation and far travels really lights your (camp) fire, make this magazine your travel companion.

     If you're into outdoor adventure and travel as I am, hit the road (Jack)! Forget about staying at haunted hotels - take your house with you!

Unfortunately, they haven't made an RV big enough to carry all members of my target audience, but they certainly can make enough of these publications to pass around the campfire.

     Pick one up today - you'll be an unhappy camper without it!