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Cats thumbnail.jpg

     This is a promotional poster for the Broadway musical, Cats. I manipulated a white poster background to add a pair of feline eyes, particularly those of a Siamese cat. There was something about the eyes that seemed to lure in the audience, like mice! Then I added black stripes around the eyes to give the impression of one of the actor's face in makeup. When it came to selecting a font for the title of the show, I found this unique "curly" font that suggested whiskers of a cat.

Cats musical

Romeo & Juliet thumbnail.jpg

     Romeo and Juliet is well known, as made famous by William Shakespeare. The design of the heart with two doves inside speaks volumes. Whether seen on stage or read in the book, any fan of Mr. Shakespeare will forever remember and appreciate the depictions of love and tragedy throughout.


     Inspired by Mr. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the musical West Side Story tells the story of two rival gangs. The brick wall in this poster is very much associated with gangland territory in decaying parts of a city, where graffiti is commonly seen. I thought the font used for the title looked most fitting.

West Side Story

WWII poster thumbnail.jpg

WW II Airshow

     As mentioned before in the description of Aerocraft magazine, I am an enthusiast of aircraft and have the desire of becoming a pilot one day. And I took photos of the aircraft on display. This was a school project I made of a World War II Airshow & Exhibit poster. I had so much fun making this one because I wanted to give it a distressed appearance. I chose a textured background hinting the appearance of sandbags used as protective barriers during WW II. Because this was an event that was supposed to take place on Veteran's Day, I also made the text in patriotic colors. I tilted the bomber plane to one side to suggest it was approaching and ready for attack.