Apart from being an assistant production manager for a newspaper, I am an independent freelance graphic designer, as stated in my Introduction page.

    I also mentioned in my "Personal Logo" information page, that if I were hired by a client to design a personal logo, I would make sure it measures up to their own standards and tastes. But only after I get to know them better and see where they are headed with their goals.

    My specialty is designing and executing page layouts for any printed media, whether it's magazines, pamphlets, brochures and of course, newspapers.

    I love to design posters, spreadsheets, and menus. But personally, my favorite is conceptualizing and designing logos.

    I am willing to offer my services for freelance graphic design work. I would be glad to talk with you and discuss your project and help meet your needs and expectations.

    Furthermore, I am a very flexible individual who can also help negotiate a reasonable cost for my services.

    I hope the examples of my work contained in this portfolio website give you a clear idea of my background.

    Should you wish to contact me with any questions or concerns, please click on the button below.