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     These are spreadsheets I personally designed for magazine publications, brochures, or pamphlets. For this class project, The Frist Museum of Art supposedly "hired" me to design these three spreadsheets for what was once their upcoming exhibits (Yes, I know the dates are old, but these are just for illustrative design purposes for this portfolio). The Museum was hosting some very peculiar and unusual exhibits. I was to design and arrange the elements in such a way as to best fit that particular theme.

     Each spreadsheet has an accompanying description of what is being exhibited, so there is no need to for me to go into detail. However, I had to make all three of these extra large since the description type is too small to read.

     In the background of the first two sheets are some ghost-like images. On the second spreadsheet, observe that I substituted the letter 'I' in the word 'FRIST' with an upside down exclamation mark. In that mark is the exhibition schedule. The third sheet has one of the characters peeping out for a little more dramatic appearance.


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     These following two spreadsheets were specially designed for magazines. The first one was made for a mock advertising campaign I was "hosting" for class. My campaign was for a fictional freight company named Freight8 that guaranteed a speedy delivery in 8 hours or less.

     The frog shown was actually the company's mascot. I chose a frog for two reasons. First, the name "Freight8" emulates the sound a frog makes, "ribbit." Second, frogs are fast swimmers.

     The purpose of having this spreadsheet was to illustrate the frog sitting on a lily pad and strapped to a truck trailer. The frog would jump from his pad while towing the trailer like a delivery truck, and land on the pad on the other side. The first pad would represent the company's headquarters, and the second would be the respective destination.

     The whole message of this spreadsheet project is that Freight8 can deliver shipped goods to another destination in 8 hours or less. (In the case of a real frog jumping from one lily pad to another, I'm sure it would take him 8 seconds or less!)


     The second spreadsheet was actually a "two-pages-in-one" layout design for Rolling Stone magazine. We each had to pick out a rock band or artist, then obtain information such as the history of the band/artist, or "conduct an interview" as if we were writers or journalists for Rolling Stone. This was done by going on the website of Rolling Stone, and searching for an actual article on that respective artist. So what is seen in this spreadsheet is copyrighted

material strictly for the class assignment and for this portfolio of mine. I've even sourced the material on the lower right corner of the second page.

     Once we've put together our Rolling Stone spreadsheet, we were to present it to the class by reading aloud. Before I completed my spreadsheet (the one here), I had to edit through the entire article. The reason for that is, Rolling Stone magazine has been known to contain explicit and uncensored language in their articles. So I took the initiative to "censor" out any "colorful" word by placing in an alternative. That way, I wouldn't get in trouble for misconduct. (Even if it wasn't my fault for Rolling Stone publishing uncensored material!)

     The band I chose for my spreadsheet is what is known as "The Hottest Band in the World" KISS. Personally, I think this band deserves so much respect for their unique style that has kept them going for so many years. (One of the bands listed on the Classic Rock infographic poster, in case you haven't seen it already.)